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Celebration Activities

China has a population of 1.2 billion and 56 ethnic groups. The country is also divided into 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions so that almost every month there are celebration activities somewhere. All of these colorful festivals and celebration activities provide an opportunity for domestic and foreign tourists to learn more about China.

The Ice and Snow Festival
Harbin, Heilongjiang Province
(January - February)

Main activities include the Ice Lantern Exhibition at Zhaolin Park, the Colorful Lantern Exhibition at Xiangfang Park, the Snow Sculpture Competition at Sun Island Park, International Ice and Snow Sculpture Contest, unique wedding ceremonies performed on ice, skiing and hunting tours in Yuquan Hunting Ground. During the festival there are also International Dance Contests and people enjoy good food too.

The Water-Sprinkling Festival
Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture
Deqen Dai-Jingpo Antonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province
(April 13 - 15)

On the first day of the festival some of the activities include dragon boat races, fireworks and girls throwing sewing purses to the young men they like.

On the second day there are religious activities such as cleaning Buddhist status by sprinkling water over them. On the third day people dressed in their festival clothes sprinkle water over each other to ward off disasters. Water sprinkling also signifies saying good-bye to the old year and welcoming the New Year as well as hopes of a good harvest in the coming year.

Luoyang Peony Fair
Luoyang, Henan Province
(April 15 - 25)

Main activities include appreciating peonies, the National Peony Exhibition, exhibitions of peony paintings and calligraphic works, firecrackers and evening performances and visits to the Luoyang Museum of Ancient Tombs, the Longmen Grottoes and White Horse Temple.

Yeyang International Dragon Boat Race
Nanhu Lake in Yueyang, Hunna Province
(From the 5th day to the 7th day of the 5th lunar month)

Main activities include the Grand Ceremony to Pay Respects to the Dragon Head, International Invitation of Dragon Boat Race Contest and Dongting fishing song contests.

Weifang International Kite Fair
Weifang, Shandong Province
(April 20 - 25)

The headquarter of the International Kite Federation is in Weifang, the world's premier city of kites. Kites of all shapes and sizes soar over the city during the International Kite Fair in April each year. Shapes range from figures and animals to flowers and form a wonderful aerial gallery against the clear blue sky.

Corban Festival
the Uygur, Hui and Kazakh areas of Xinjiang
(the 10th day of the 12th month of the Muslim calendar)

Corban comes from the Arabian word meaning " sacrifice" or "blood offering". On the day of the festival, Muslims gather at a mosque and take part in the ceremony of slaughtering animals. People slaughter oxen, sheep and camels to feast with guests and friends. Participants sing and dance and the festival is also celebrated with other entertainment such as goat-catching competitions, horse races and " girl chasing".

The Shoton Festival
Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region
(From the 30th day of the 6th month
To the middle of the 7th month of the Tibetan calendar)

The Shoton Festiveal means the yogurt banquet. Main activities include sunning Buddha status, traditional performances of Tibetan Opera, shopping on Pargor Street, religious activities in Jokhang Monastery and trips to southern Tibet.

The Guilin Landscape Tourist Festival
Guilin, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region
(October 31 - November 8)

Main activities include the opening ceremony, watching fishing birds on bamboo rafts, river tours on colorful boats, lion dance performances by the river, the release of the colorful balloons, trips to see Lijiang local customs, trips to minority villages, viewing the production of traditional crafts such as pottery and batik, a trip to a wine brewery, folk songs and dances, gathering on Love Island for a bonfire evening, Lijinag River Autumn Moon Lantern Fair, Guilin ancient culture tour and the two-day tour to Low Ridge Hot Springs in Longsheng.

Qufu International Confucius Cultural Festival
Qufu, Shandong Province
(September 26 - October 5)

September 28 is the birthday of Confucius, the Chinese philosopher and educator. There is an opening ceremony in the morning of September 26 followed by celebration activities in the morning of September 28. Other activities include temple music and dance performances, " Worshipping Confucius" and " Yunmen Gate". There are also a variety of exhibitions such as Emperor and Qufu Exhibition and Exhibition of the Life of Confucius. Visitors can participate in a cultural tour of Confucius' hometown, a food tour of the Kong Family Mansion and enjoy an ancient Chinese wedding ceremony in Kong Family Mansion.


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