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Customs Regulation

Customs Regulation

  • Upon entering China, travelers must complete a customs declaration form listing the valuable or amount of foreign currency being brought into the country. A copy of the form will be collected upon exit.
  • Foreign visitors are allowed to bring in one carton of cigarettes, one bottle 750ml of alcohol. No limit on self-use medicine, money, camera or film. Professional camera or camcorder without a permit is not allowed.
  • Illegal items such as drugs, pornography, weapons inflammable and explosive items are not allowed.
  • Merchandise labeled as " cultural relic" may not be taken out of China without evidence of official approval for export.
  • Save all currency exchange vouchers and all receipts for major purchases as these currency back to US Dollars.
  • Keep personal necessities and valuables with you all the time.

Quarantine Service

  • Those who carry such special articles as microorganisms, human body tissues, biological products, and blood and its products, should declare to a quarantine department, and subject these articles to quarantine inspections.
  • Passengers from yellow fever-infested areas should, when entering China, display to the quarantine department effective certificates showing that they have been inoculated against yellow fever. He who does not have such a valid certificate shall be retained for observation for six days beginning from the day he left the infested area, or he shall be inoculated and retained until the certificate comes into effect. It is the task of the Chinese quarantine authorities to prevent foreigners suffering AIDS, venereal diseases, leprosy, mental diseases and open tuberculosis from entering China.


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