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Business hours of banks:   Monday to Friday: 09:00 -17:00; Saturday: 08:00 - 11:30. Business hours for exchanging foreign currency are longer and the service is available every day in hotels. Exchange rates for travelers' checks are higher than those for cash.

Postal services:   Lobby counters of hotels provide guests with postal services which include a post box. They sell stamps and accept postcards, letters or parcels. Post offices in various places provide EMS and 24-hour telecommunications. Business hours of post offices are 08:00-19:00.

Telephones:   Sometimes visitors have to pay for city telephones in hotels. Use of a public telephone costs 0.3 yuan Renminbi. Long distance calls can be made from street telephone kiosks, railway stations or telephone bureaus by using cards or paying in cash.

Power supply:   220 volt AC current. Many middle and high-class hotel wash rooms have transformer plugs for electric shavers and hair dryers, but it is better to be prepared with an adapter plug.

Water:   Only in some high-class hotels tap water is potable. Tourists should ask hotels if the tap water is drinkable. If not, use the thermos flask water provided by hotels. In China, bottled mineral water is popular.

Newspapers:   Many hotels provide China Daily, Beijing Review and other English-language publications free. Books, periodicals, postcards, tourist maps in English are available in hotels, foreign language bookstores and Xinhua bookstores.

TV and broadcasting:   Most hotels have satellite English and Japanese TV programs. China Central TV Station and some local TV Stations broadcast news in English and provide other English language programs.

Working hours:   Working hours of government offices are 08:00 -17:00, five days a week (from Monday to Friday) with a break of one hour at lunchtime.


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