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Shopping in China


Chinese silk is famous the world over for its magnificent quality, color and variety. Representative samples are brocade from Hangzhou, Sichuan brocade from Chengdu, the fine, tough silk and pure sile crepe from Suzhou and tussah silk from Dandong.


China is the home of tea. Tea is divided into green, black, perfumed, white and Wulong tea. Longjing (green tea) and Biluochuan (green tea) are famous throughout the world.

Liquors and Wines

Since ancient times, China's spirits and wines have developed in their unique way and have won many international awards. Famous liquors include Maotai from Guizhou, Fen and Zhuyuqing from Shanxi, Wuliangye, Jiannanchun and Luzhou Laojiao from Sichuan, Gujing tribute liquor from Anhui, Yanghe Daqu from Jiangsu and Dong liquor form Guizhou. Fruit wines include gold medal brandy, red grape wine and Weimeisi from Yantai, China red grape wine from Beijing, Shacheng white grape wine from Hebei, Minquan white grape wine from Henan. Yellow rice wines include rice wine from Shaoxing, sinking-in-far wine from Longyan and sealed jar wine from Danyang. Yanjing and Qingdao are two famous brands of the many varieties of fine beers available in China.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

The body of knowledge that makes up traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has been accumulated over thousands of years. TCM is made from animal and plant materials using traditional methods. Ingredients used in TCM for building up people's health include ginseng. Phymosoma dokey-hide gelatin, pilose antler, the tuber of the multiflower knoweed, the fruit of Chinese wolfberry, Chinese caterpillar fungus, rhubarb horse-tails, the rhizome of Chinese goldthread bezoar, the capsule of weeping forsythic, Chinese angelica, glutinous rehmania, the rhizome of Guanxiong, Tianqi, licorice root, apricot kernel and the root of the balloon flower, etc.

Arts and Crafts

China is a treasure house of arts and crafts which are an important part of the nation's cultural inheritance. Products such as carving, embroidery, pottery and porcelain, glassware and dyeing, replicas of ancient cultural relics are all exquisitely crafted. Other well-known crafts are weaving, printing and dyeing. Cloisonn is a special traditional handicraft of Beijing while Jiangxi Jingdezhen ware is a representative of China's fine porcelain. China's hand-made carpets are much sought after in international markets. Suzhou, Hunan, Guangdong and Sichuan embroidery are four of China's best-known embroideries. Some of the regional art and craft specialties include the wood carving of Dongyang and the bamboo products of Shengxian from Zhejiang Province, the clay figurine of Master Zhang from Tianjin, the grass the wickerwork from Shandong Province, the three color-glaze Tang ware of luoyang from Henan Province, the batik from Guizhou Province and the Huishan clay figurine of Wuxi from Jiangsu Province. Also well-known are the four treasures of study of Xuan paper and ink stick from Anhui Province, Duan ink slab from Zhaoqing, Guangdong Province, and Shanlianhu writing brush from Wuxing, Zhejiang Province. There are may other famous handicrafts, such as folk papercuts created by women farmers.


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