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The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) is the department that oversees international and domestic air transportation. Planes are up to date and their manufacturers include Boeing, McDonnell Douglas and the makers of the European Airbus. Airport facilities are advanced and good.

At present, there are over 750 domestic, nearly 100 international and 21 regional air routes linking 58 cities in 39 countries and regions. There are fixed flights for each week. Beijing is the hub of civil aviation and domestic airlines crisscross the country and connect 136 cities. Air China is one of the safest airlines in the world.

In all major cities in China, air ticket booking is connected to a computer network. Plane ticket booking is available at all civic aviation ticket offices, travel agencies and hotels.


  • Domestic express trains are traveling between the main cities. They leave in the evening and arrive in the morning. Convenient tour trains also link the major tourist cities. Sleepers have four beds in each compartment, two up and two down.

  • International Express Trains Include:

    Beijing - Ulan Bator - Moscow Beijing - Manzhouli - Moscow
    Beijing - Hanoi Beijing - Pyongyang
    Beijing - Pyongyang Beijing - Hanoi
    Beijing - Ulan Bator Urumqi - Alma Ata

    Express trains from Beijing to Moscow vis Ulan Bator or Manzhouli take six or seven days one way and connect with other travling on to the European continent. Tickets are available in local railway stations, travel agencies, hotels and ticket booking offices.

  • Telephone Information on Railways:

    Beijing (10)65128913
    Shanghai (21)63179090
    Guangzhou (20)87157222
    Xi'an (29)7426067


China now has more than 1.18 million kilometers of highways, of which over 70 are national highways and more than 1,600 are provincial highways. About 26 percent are special purpose expressway highways and highways related to tourism. They include:

Nanjing - Yangzhou - Nantong Shanghai - Hangzhou - Ningbo
Shenyang - Dalian Beijing - Tanggu
Nanjing - Shanghai Xi'an - Baoji
Jinan - Qingdao Yichang - Huangshi
Guiyang - Huangguoshu Beijing - Shajiazhuang - Taiyuan
Guangzhou - Shenzhen Guangzhou - Foshan
Fuzhou - Xiamen Hainan Island Ring Route
Guilin - Liuzhou Guangzhou - Shantou
Chengdu - Chongqing Luoyang - Kaifeng

Transport in Urban Areas

  • Taxis:        Taxis are available in large and medium-sized cities and are at your service at one to two yuan per kilometer.
  • Subways:   Subways are available in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. They run through the city proper and the ticket costs two yuan.
  • Bicycles:    In Beijing and other tourist cities, some hotels have bicycles for rent. In Beijing, tri-wheel carriages are available for tourists to explore lanes.

Water Transport

  • International Sea Navigation Routes:
    • Once a week the luxury passenger and cargo ship New Jianzhen, operated by the Sino-Japanese International Ferry Co., sails from Shanghai to Kobe, Osaka and Yokohama in Japan. A single trip takes around 45 hours.
    • The passenger and cargo ship Daren, run by the Daren Shipping Co., in Dalian, sails between Dalian and Inchon in the Republic of Korea, twice a week. Each voyage takes around 15 hours.
    • The luxury passenger and cargo shis Xinjinqiao and Xiangxuehai, operated by the Weihaiwei East Navigation Co., link Weihai, Qingdao and Incon three times a week. Each voyage takes 14 hours.
    • The vessel Yanjing, run by the Tianjin-Kobe Shipping Co., sails between Tianjin and Kobe, Japan once a week.

  • Domestic Sea Navigation Routes:

    China's domestic sea navigation routes connect a variety of port cities. Main navigation routes include:

    Shanghai - Dalian - Tianjin Dalian - Yantai
    Shanghai - Qingdao Shanghai - Guangzhou
    Shenzhen - Zhuhai Zhuhai - Hong Kong

    Many luxury tourist boats and passenger ships shuttle between different cities.

  • Inland River Navigation Routes:

    Many rivers traverse China's mainland. Their total length amounts to about 226,800 kilometers, of which 136,000 kilometers are inland river navigation routes. Famous navigation routes include:

    • The 6,380-km-long Yangtze River, on which tourists can vayage 660 kilometers from Chongqing to Yichang and 626 kilometers from Yichang to Wuhan. The route passes through the grand and magnificent Yangtze River Three Gorges starting from Baidi ( White Emperor) Town, Fengjie County in the west, to Nanjinguan Pass, Yichang, in the east, a total of 193 kilometers. There are over 50 pleasure boats that sail on the route.
    • Pleasure boats cruise along the Grand Canal between Suzhou and Hangzhou, a distance of 146.6 kilometers. On this cruise tourists can enjoy the enchanting water village scenery typical of areas south of the Yangtze River.
    • In Nanjing, Wuxi or Yangzhou, dragon boats and pleasure boats take tourists on a Grand Canal- Yangtze River - Taihu Lake tour cruise. Tourists can enjoy good food while appreciating the outstanding scenery.
    • In Guilin, there are pleasure boats that to to Yangshuoalong the Lijing River, a voyage of 83 kilometers. The scenery is pictureques and there are many historic places.


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