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  • Global Study Programs

    ERD has been working with the governmental, academic and industrial organizations both from China and USA for global exchange programs to promote educational and economic global visions and cooperation. During the past decade, we have been offering courses, seminars, workshops and internships designed to provide students with a better understanding of international business. These have been offered together with study trips to China that provide all students and faculties first hand study of Asian business practices, leadership, world economy's, and the business strategies of leading firms operating across the globe. The Global study trips are a component of globalization strategy. These trips help students keep abreast of the rapidly changing market conditions in the global economy in which they will work, which are available for undergraduate and graduate students.

    Our mission is to nurture a new generation of conscientious business leaders capable of meeting the challenges of today's global business. We provide cutting-edge knowledge and international experience to help students build confidence and develop their own visions as leaders over the world.

    'People hold the key' reflects the value of our school. We pay close attention to the needs of each student and believe that successful business also comes from putting people first!

    • Credited Study Programs (min.3 Credits):

      1. MBA

      2. Business

      3. Culinary

      4. Interior Design

      5. Architect

      6. Geography

      7. Education
      1. Photography

      2. Graphic Design

      3. Social Science

      4. Nursing

      5. Humanities

      6. Fashion Retail & Mgt.

      7. Chinese Language
    • Non-credited Study Programs:

      • Academic research & Exchanges

      • Sister-School Educational Exchanges

      • Summer/Winter Camps

  • Chinese Executive Training:

    1. Petro-Chemical

    2. Medical

    3. Transportation

    4. Agriculture

    5. Dairy

    6. Sugarcane

    7. Bio-chemical

    8. Aviation

    9. Education

    10. Hotel Management

    11. Tobaco

    12. Eco-Environment & City Planning
    1. Feeding

    2. Paper-making

    3. Energy (Hydro & Thermo)

    4. Banking & Insurance

    5. Real Estate

    6. Administration Management

    7. Commerce

    8. Social Security & Welfare

    9. Customs

    10. Legal System

    11. Media

    12. Strategic Operation on Petrochemical & Environmental Industries


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